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Posted By Mike Luoma

Hear more of the free audio science fiction adventure Vatican Ambassador on today's episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! He's managed to bring humankind a break in the war. Now BC engages in some interplanetary diplomacy as he tries to set up another peace conference at Lunar Prime. Can he get the top people to even show up? Listen to Chapter 10 of Vatican Ambassador on this episode to find out!

Plus a reminder to get your free Alibi Jones eBook before the end of the month from Smashwords. And book release news - Earthbound Comics releases Good Samaritan: Unto Dust #1 this Wednesday, August 1st! Father Bill Sullivan masquerades as the vigilante Good Samaritan in the Boston of 1965, using his supernatural "Power of the Holy Spirit" to fight crime and bring thugs to justice, even turning some "unto dust!"



Posted By Mike Luoma

Listen to Free Science Fiction Adventure in the 22nd Century! It's 2110 and BC - Bernard Campion, former assassin and the acting Vatican Ambassador to Lunar Prime - is holding a peace conference on the Moon between the battling UTZ and the UIN - find out on this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio whether or not there's any hope of ending the war between the commercial powers of the Earth and the Muslim Nation...

It's part three of the long chapter nine of VATICAN AMBASSADOR - as Mike Luoma continues to rewrite and re-record the novel and audiobook. There's news about a free ALIBI JONES eBook and other stuff, too. Listen for details!


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Posted By Mike Luoma

Another installment of the science fiction adventure Vatican Ambassador and a free eBook - on this episode of Mike Luoma's Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! Former assassin BC is trying to prove himself to the new pope - as a diplomat and an ambassador from the Vatican to Lunar Prime, the neutral city on the Moon. The Lunar Prime peace conference organized by BC is getting under way, and BC finds himself called to meet with the most powerful man in the solar system: Richard Wentworth!

The new version of Vatican Ambassador continues to unfold, with part two of three of the very long chapter nine on this episode. You can listen to the original version of Vatican Ambassador as a free, downloadable podcast - Find out more about Mike's books at or Find out about the free eBook at


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