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The adventures of the Vatican Assassin shift in a new direction this week, as BC recuperates in Rome at the Vatican after his assignment on Fortune Station. He's still taking some heat from his superiors over his security lapse back on Lunar Prime during the UIN attack, when double-agent and Lunar Security Corps officer Nita Bendix almost killed him. As BC returns to Lunar Prime, strange blackouts and extended sleep periods make him realize some of the cult's mind altering drugs may have lingering effects on his mind...

Listen to chapters twenty-one and twenty two of Vatican Assassin on this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio. BC - Bernard Campion - is an assassin for the pope of the New catholic Church in 2109. Now you know all you need to dive in and enjoy the adventure! In the news - my new book "Introducing... Red Hot!" comes out on Wednesday (2/1) with great art by Rhys ap Gwyn. And The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories is availbale now free in the iTunes store and!

BONUS STUFF! There's a BIG batch of bonus material in this episode - over 20 minutes of it! Not only do you get a reading of deep background material out of the "History of The Future" from the Vatican Assassin Appendix, you also get to hear my reggae "classic", "Newt" - all in honor or Newt Gingrich's recent campaign BS that sounds like HE'S reading from my appendix...

More info as always at and

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