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MORE Sex, Politics and Religion! BC's old girlfried FIZA has arrived on the scene and is stirring up TROUBLE... The adventures of BC - Bernard Campion - assassin for the pope of the New catholic Church in 2109 - continue. Listen to chapter twenty-five of the science fiction adventure Vatican Assassin on this episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio.
While still an original recording, I went a little crazy and re-edited and remastered the audio for this chapter exclusively for this podcast episode, giving a greater breadth and space to the recording, and also sweetening some of the audio just a touch. It still rolls a bit fast, but this is an all-new presentation - enjoy!

In the news - my new book "Introducing... Red Hot!" is the Pick of the Week at! With stunning art by Rhys ap Gwyn, it's getting great reviews - I'll share some with you on the podcast. I read Grant Morrison's Supergods - there's a review on my blog: http://glowin...grant-morrisons-supergods. Sat in on the Zone 4 podcast once again - talking Before Watchmen and Image's 20th Anniversary. You can find the 'cast here: I won't be at the Image Expo in Oakland at the end of the month, but my books will be! Earthbound Comics Publisher Ben Ferrari is attending - if you go, look for Ben, say hello, and see my books in"person"! Also in the news: Find out why you should watch this video:; Kathleen Edwards talked to me:; and Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider, is getting crushed down by a countersuit by Marvel Disney. Steve Niles is collecting funds to help Gary, who's almost homeless and in poor health. Donate or just learn more at:

More info as always at

**There's a coupon code for a free eBook of the ALIBI JONES novel at the end of the podcast**

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