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An all new reading of Chapter 2 of Vatican Ambassador - part two of The Vatican Assassin Trilogy - on today's podcast! After war and rebuilding comes the somewhat slimier business of... politics. Is BC a liability? He just may be, as Marc Edwards runs for reelection as Governor of Lunar Prime. It doesn't help that Edward's opponent is BC's enemy, Universal Islamic Nation sympathizer Daniel McEntyre - the man whose wife BC assassinated. Listen to this episode to find out who wins - it's election time on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio.



Listen in to find out how to get yourself a free new eBook - my Souverain: The Kid is out now from Earthbound Comics! And I'll share some more thoughts about the contradictions of creativity and creative despair... fun! Been a rough week. I'll tell you about it.


All fresh from the ground up today on an all-new podcast episode!


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