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Audio science fiction! The Adventures of Alibi Jones continue on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio with chapter six of Alibi Jones and the Sunrise of Hur. Meet one of my favorite new characters: Finder. He's kind of like The Dude meets Tommy Chong. Finder doesn't find things himself so much as he finds people who can get their hands on the things he needs to track down - or they find him. In tribute to some of my artist friends, Alibi meets Finder on the beach in Mar del Plata, Argentina.



Had a lot of fun recording this chapter, doing the voice for Finder, and voicing Alibi reacting to the man. Add in a brief Wentworth appearance towards the end and the pilot Drex throughout and there are a lot of character voices going on here. Hope you enjoy the interpretation!

Finder has appeared before, actually, in my audio short story ALIBI JONES & THE WISHING STONE. That's in the audio anthology The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories which, although it came out last year, takes place after the new novel. ALIBI JONES AND THE WISHING STONE w/art by Meisha will appear next year in The Adventures of Alibi Jones #2 from Earthbound Comics.

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