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DOUBLE-SIZED EPISODE! Two full-length chapters of the Science Fiction audio adventure Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest on this week's episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio! Host, writer and narrator Mike Luoma felt so guilty about leaving you without an episode last week, he's giving you two chapters on this week's show. Listen as he reads chapter seventeen and eighteen – with a proper story-so-far introduction to get you up to speed.

Alibi Jones and his crew are investigating a ghost ship – one that supposedly killed the five people on the crew that investigated it the last time it showed up! This time around, ships that approach the giant, ancient wreck are reporting power drains... and more: a glowing, green spaceman ghost has been appearing on ships pleading, "Don't let me DIE – Again!"

Although I couldn't get a podcast episode out last week, I did share chapter seventeen with mailing list members last Sunday night. Part of why you get two chapters this week – didn't want to cheat them of new stuff! Please sign up for the mailing list to get cool things like that. Free stuff, updates, previews & more:

New Book This Week! The VATICAN ASSASSIN Trilogy Omnibus came out in paperback! Get it now at  It will be available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble soon. Here's a video of me opening it:


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