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The Vatican Assassin Trilogy: Vatican Assassin, Vatican Ambassador and Vatican Abdicator - Science Fiction Adventure in the Near Future!


Posted By Mike Luoma
The Star Seeds of Earth is in stores today! The book you've been listening to on this podcast – in draft form going back to January – finally explodes out into the universe... Original, independent science fiction by author, narrator and host Mike Luoma. He reads Three Chapters on this episode – in Chapter Twenty-Seven Alibi Jones continues to chart the future of The Hornet's Nest with his close friends and senior staff; we discover what Finder is up to in Chapter Twenty-Eight; and see if Alibi finally gets to visit The Heretic and score a Star Seed in Chapter Twenty-Nine! From the brand-new science fiction novel The Star Seeds of Earth – out today. Free audio science fiction adventure each week on Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!    

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