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The Vatican Assassin Trilogy: Vatican Assassin, Vatican Ambassador and Vatican Abdicator - Science Fiction Adventure in the Near Future!


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I'm going to be making a big (good) announcement on tomorrow's episode of Glow-in-the-Dark Radio!

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Vatican Assassin #3

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The graphic novel adaptation of Vatican Assassin by myself and Cristian Navarro continues as issue three comes out this month! Read new pages here every Wednesday and Friday - click on the link above. You can also read the pages at Drunk Duck:


Get it in print for just $2.99 at Indy Planet:



Vatican Assassin #3


Standard Comic
Black & White
Page Count: 24

BC survives one brush with death only to find himself off on a new, more dangerous mission. Pope Peter and the Office of Papal Operations send BC WAY off the beaten path assigning him the assassination of the charismatic leader of a religious cult holed up on an old orbital station...

It's the year 2109. BC - Bernard Campion - poses as a priest - but he's really an assassin for the Pope of the New catholic Church! He's struggling with his work's inherent contradictions, trying to take care of “business” during an out of control interplanetary war between The Universal Trade Zone (the commercial power of Earth); Lunar Prime - the neutral city on the Moon; and the UIN - the Universal Islamic Nation now based on Mars.

Vatican Assassin #3 TM and © Michael Luoma and Cristian Navarro. All rights reserved.

Posted By Mike Luoma

The Vatican Assassin Graphic Novel adaptation is well underway... and now the first two issues are free to read here at! The art is by Cristian Navarro, story and letters and production by myself - Mike Luoma.


Read it here!