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Episode 201 - a time for new beginnings. And so we begin a new book on The Glow-in-the-Dark Radio Podcast - Book Two in The Vatican Assassin Trilogy - Vatican Ambassador! The Christmas Day War of 2110 has come and gone. Those who survived have been left to rebuild. BC - Bernard Campion - a former (he assumes) assassin for the Vatican - is now the acting Ambassador, and has been rebuilding the Vatican Mission on the Moon. We begin with a look back at the war, and then catch up with BC in a bar on St. Patrick's Day during a declared holiday, as for the first time since the attacks people allow themselves to relax a little and enjoy life again.


ALL NEW INTRODUCTION! The first part of this chapter, the look back at the war and the rebuilding, has been completely rewritten - you're about to hear an all new edition of Vatican Ambassador! Reader Greg Tymn emailed asking about "mistakes" in the beginning of the chapter... only, those weren't mistakes. Grrr - listen to the podcast to hear Greg's questions and my answers - and then hear the newly rewritten chapter one! After fixing the introductory part, I decided to re-edit the rest of the chapter as well - not for content but clarity. You're about to hear a brand-new recording of a never-before-heard-or-read new edition of Vatican Ambassador! How cool is that?


Almost as cool as a new free eBook! Always want to portmanteau that into "freeBook"... I'm teaming up with Earthbound Comics to give away a free eBook - Souverain: The Kid comes out May 1st. It's already available some places - check out the Earthbound Comics facbook page for more details on how to get your free copy today:


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